Optical Fibre
Cabling Endorsement

Optical Fibre Cabling Endorsement

PERPETUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE offers a comprehensive range of courses that enable the industry to efficently and effectively construct and certify communication networks

ACMA Registration Endorsement
On successful completion of this course attendees will be provided with the required documentation to apply to an ACMA accreditited organisation to obtain a cabling licence

Course Overview

This course is designed for individuals to understand the required knowledge and skills to be able to successfully install optical fibre cabling. Attendees will learn to recognise the various types of fibre optic cables, understand the propagation of light through the fibre and effectively decipher the different connection and splicing applications of optical fibre and where they are used.

On completion, participants will be eligible to apply for the Optical Fibre Internal Cabling Endorsement (working with optical fibre on domestic / commercial premises) on the Open Registration licence. Participants planning to attend this course are encouraged to have already successfully completed the Open Registration licence.


nbn approved titab approved telstra approved Perpetual Learning Institute Pty. Ltd. is a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO code: 40809)

Course Outilne

Overview of Optical Fibre Cabling


  • Understanding the different components used in a simple fibre network;
  • Understanding laser communication technologies and how lasers propagate through optic fibres;
  • Describing the light sources used for optical fibre transmission;
  • Demonstrating all safety requirements required when working with optical fibre;
  • Learning the various types of fibre and when to use each type;
  • Learning the key elements associated with optical fibre cable infrastructure;
  • Understanding the different types of jointing and termination methods involving fibre optic cables;
  • Recognising the various fibres available and cabling number systems;
  • Fusion splicing techniques and procedures;
  • Types of fibre optic connectors and installation techniques;
  • Testing and commissioning fibre optic circuits using common test equipment including OTDR’s;
  • Utilising the various types of splicing and test equipment.
Course Assessment


  • Theoretical assessment
  • Practical assessment

Course Information

Course Locations:

Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Canberra, Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth

Location and timing will be advised at enrolment

Class Size:  10 - 12 Students

Duration:    2 Days

Learners are required to complete a portfolio of evidence to achieve certification of Units of Competency listed below. Included: All materials used for practical exercises, technical manuals for each attendee, test equipment, emulation environment. 1 week phone support.

  Units of Competency provided by PLI-16-656
Unit Code Unit Name
ICTCBL302 Install and terminate optical fibre cable on customer premises

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