Designed for all skill levels, This course is designed to provide attendees with advanced knowledge
to complete Telstra Customer Wideband Service fibre
optical connections (CWBS)



PERPETUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE provides a comprehensive syllabus that addresses critical practices pertaining to Optical technologies within the Telecommunications optical access networks


is a Nationally Approved Training Provider of Telstra™ & nbn™


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Course Overview

The Telstra Customer Wide Band Service (CWBS) installation course is separated into 4 core modules:


  • Optical network theory and CWBS Overview
  • Building the optical path within an active network
  • Testing the optical path to Telstra standards
  • Installing, configuring and activating active network equipment

Each attendee will be guided through the specifics of building and commissioning the optical path for a CWBS.

This will include the techniques specifically centric to working on a live network and the associated validation strategies to ensure activities do not cause service outage events.

Attendees will also Learn the skills needed to install and activate the customers active equipment (CPE)


Attendees will build a series of joint enclosures most common in the Telstra CAN and IEN network and gain an understanding of Telstra specific processes when working within the network. They will complete the associated Telstra workbooks and completion packs to be submitted for each job. Attendees will also gain an understanding of Telstra DBOR’s (Database Of Records)<.br>

Attendees will also obtain the knowledge to install, configure and activate Telstra specific CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) in accordance with Telstra standards and processes. They will learn the basics of transmission technology theory, equipment activation and commissioning techniques and associated fault assessments on a range of Telstra CBWS service types



nbn approved titab approved telstra approved Perpetual Learning Institute Pty. Ltd. is a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO code: 40809)

Course Outline

Module 1
Telstra Optical Network Architecture & Optical Theory
  • Introduction to Fiber Optics
  • Understanding Telstra’s network architecture – IEN & CAN specifics
  • Fibre connector Inspection & Cleaning
  • Visual Fault Locators
  • Traffic Identifiers
  • Overview of Customer Wideband Services
  • Introduction to techniques to work in an active network.
Module 2
Building the CWBS Optical Path
  • Overview of CWBS plans and designs
  • Construction strategies to prevent unplanned service outages (Active Network)
  • Overview of cable types within the CAN and IEN
  • Assembly techniques for the following joints and enclosures:
    • Corning 24/72 OJ
    • Corning UCNP 9-24/28 MAX
    • Corning UCN VIP
    • Corning UCNP 7-20
    • W&B72F 2RU Subrack
    • W&B TAP 2
    • 2 draw OFDF subrack
  • Cable lead in techniques and standards.
  • Cable access techniques for customer premises (Limits & guidelines)
  • Cable termination processes and guidelines
  • Short haul cable techniques and guidelines
  • Telstra DBOR’s Overview - Multiman
  • FTTP Fault Methodology - Detailed
Module 3
Testing the optical path (Commissioning)
  • Telstra commissioning thresholds and standards- TM00044
  • Acquiring an accurate OTDR trace - OTDR parameter selection
  • Loss modes (splice loss, 2 point, 2 point attenuation corrected, dB/km)
  • Event identifiers, editing events and manipulation
  • Manual vs automatic event measurements
  • Advanced Optical Trace Interpretation
  • Bi-directional result variance
  • Creating OTDR splice loss templates
  • Bi-directional trace analysis
  • Creating line diagrams from OTDR traces
  • Generating accurate Telstra workbook reports
  • Practical exercises and assessment for each of the items discussed
Module 4
Installing, configuring and activating active network equipment
  • Introduction to Telstra CWBS CPE
  • Acquiring an accurate OTDR trace - OTDR parameter selection
  • Understanding telecommunications transmission and data networks - IEN & CAN
  • Overview of DWDM and system components
  • Understanding SFP/XFP modules
  • Calculating laser module loss budgets
  • Introduction to SDH
  • Overview of SDH commissioning and acceptance testing - BERT: G.821/G.826
  • Introduction to Ethernet & IP
  • Overview of Hub’s, Switches & Routers
  • Network addresses – MAC & IP (Public & Private)
  • Overview MPLS
  • Overview of Cat5 cables
  • Installing Telstra CPE
  • Configuring Telstra CPE
  • Activating Telstra CPE
  • CPE Alarm overview

Course Information

Course Locations:

Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Canberra, Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth

Location and timing will be advised at enrolment

Class Size:  10 - 12 Students

Learners are required to complete a portfolio of evidence to achieve certification of Units of Competency listed below.

All materials used for practical exercises, technical manuals for each attendee, test equipment, emulation environment.
1 week phone support.



  • High speed business grade connectivity has never been more necessary, to achieve the deployment of modern connection technology, the industry is need of skilled technicians
  • New network architectures and technologies require the development of new skills and knowledge to ensure success.


  • Working as a Telstra nbn™ Approved Training Provider, PERPETUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE has enhanced our traditional courses to align directly to the skills needed for the nbn™ rollout.
  • The development of carefully constructed skill based programs is where we excel – the art of training.
  • Unlike other training organisations which focus primarily on technology, PERPETUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE is structured toward Field Operations staff. Technology theory is combined with large quantities of practical exercises to reinforce the learning process.
  • PERPETUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE is the market leader with regards to hands on practical training that is supported by our real world learning simulators – “We bring the field environment to you”.

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As of July 1, 2017 Perpetual Learning Institute Pty.Ltd (previously known as Celemetrix Training), was rebranded as a stand-alone entity in order to provide a more dedicated Training focus; and ultimately a more rewarding customer experience.