PLI-20-020 nbn™ Fiber optic splicing and joint enclosure construction

This course is designed for individuals with minimal experience and ensures that learning outcomes can be applied immediately to field activities using our advanced real-world hands-on learning environments.

On completion, learners will have the confidence to build common network attributes including all-optical joint enclosures used within the nbn™ optical architectures (TFN,DFN and LFN) as well as splicing ribbon and stranded optical cable types.

Course Outline
Overview of nbn™ Architectures
  • Overview of FTTP – Fibre To The Premise
  • Overview of FTTB – Fibre To The Basement
  • Overview of FTTN – Fibre To The Node
  • Overview of FTTC – Fibre To The Curb
  • Components associated with optical network of FTTx architectures
  • Service delivery overview for FTTP, FTTN networks
  • Overview of RDOD/BDOD
  • Overview of SD1/SD2
  • Working safely in the telecommunications environment
Overview of Optical Fibre Cabling and Joint enclosures
  • Overview of nbn™ cable joint enclosures – AJL, BJL, DJL, FJL, HDODF
  • Overview of FTTP FDH (Fibre Distribution Hub – including optical splitter technology)
  • Optical connector cleaning techniques
  • Cable types used within nbn™ optical network
  • Fibre optic cable numbering system
  • Cable stripping techniques for ribbon and stranded cable (nbn™ specific)
  • Cable labelling and markings
  • Prepare cabling for installation in joint enclosures
Fibre Optic Splicing Techniques
  • Splicing tooling
  • Stranded fibre cleaving practices
  • Ribbon fibre cleaving practices
  • Detailed overview of stranded fibre splicing techniques
  • Detailed overview of ribbon fibre splicing techniques
  • Fusion splicing techniques and acceptable limits (nbn™ specific)
  • Matching Splice Protectors to Splicing
DFN & LFN/MTLFN Active Network Components
  • Overview of Alcatel’s nbn™ Node
  • Overview of Commscope nbn™ Node
  • Overview of DPU’s
Fibre Optic Joint Enclosure Assembly Principles
  • Warren & Brown 2 draw internal cable subrack
  • FOSC 400 (DJL)
  • Corning ORS (Brank DJL / AJL)
  • Flexible Joint Location (FJL)
  • Optical splitters into FJL
  • Breakout Joint Location (BJL)
Practical Exercise
      • Build DJL (FOSC 400) 288F / 576F
      • Build a Branch DJL (Corning ORS) -72F
      • Build W&B 2 draw -72F
      • Build FJL -72F
      • Build BJL 12F

    The above includes cable stripping and joint installation and splicing practices for dark & active / live joints

Course Assessment
  • Theoretical assessment
  • Practical assessment
Course Information
Course Locations:
Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Canberra, Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth
Location and timing will be advised at enrolment
Class Size:  10 – 12 Students

Learners are required to complete a portfolio of evidence to achieve certification of Units of Competency listed below.
Included: All materials used for practical exercises, technical manuals for each attendee, test equipment, emulation environment. 1 week phone support.

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