This course provides attendees with skills to confidently test and fault-find
NBN’s Fibre Optic network across the three different
architectures: TFN, DFN and LFN / MTLFN.
This course is designed for individuals with minimal
experience and ensures that learning outcomes can be applied
immediately to field activities using our advanced real-world
and hands-on learning environments.
On completion, learners will have the confidence to test
and commission the nbnTM Optical network to the published
standards using modern equipment and techniques.

Course Outline
Overview of nbnTM Architectures
  • Overview of FTTP – Fibre To The Premise
  • Overview of FTTB – Fibre To The Basement
  • Overview of FTTN – Fibre To The Node
  • Components associated with FTTN architectures
  • Service delivery overview for FTTN networks
  • Working safely within the telecommunication environment
Overview of Optical Fibre Technology
  • Optical fibre safety practices
  •  Basics of fibre optics – system components and measurements
  • Light propagation principles
  • Laser transmission system theory
  • Fibre attenuation and its causes
  • Fibre optic connectors and cleaning
  • Evaluation of optical connector quality using video inspection
Acquiring a Suitable and Accurate OTDR Trace
  • Introduction to OTDR’s and trace fundamentals
  • Index of refraction
  • Pulse width selection
  • OTDR trace acquisition time
  • Testing wavelength selection
  • Selecting the most suitable range and resolution setting
  • Deadzone effects on an OTDR trace
  • Practical exercises and assessment of each of the items
Evaluating overall Link Quality
  • Understanding network testing thresholds
  • Calculating loss/attenuation budgets
  • File naming conventions and trace file formats/structure
  • Measuring optical insertion loss
  • Using fibre optic testing tools including – VFL, traffic
    identifier etc.
  • Creating nbnTM specific reporting workbooks for the TFN,
    DFN, LFN / MTLFN and N2P.
Practical Exercise
  • Using the field emulation simulator to locate successfully
    optical fault conditions
  • Using supplied trace files to complete three nbnTM network
    workbooks – TFN, DFN, LFN / MTLFN and N2P.
Course Assessment
  • Theoretical assessment
  • Practical assessment
Course Information
Course Locations:
Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart, Canberra, Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth
DuRATION: 4 Days
Class Size:  12 – 14 Students

Included: All materials used for practical exercises, technical manuals for each attendee, test equipment, emulation environment. 1 week phone support.

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